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  • Fusion Welding Machine

    Fusion welding machine,hydraulic operation system.Weld from 280mm to 500mm,some client would like to choose optional hoist crane because of the heavy heat plate and facer.This model 500mm is also not standard size,we make new moulding to meet clients’need,safe project...
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  • HDPE Jointing Machine

    HDPE jointing machine ,fuse range from 90-315mm for standard model,hydraulic operation system.All the inserts made by casting aluminum,make the weight more light.10 square centimeter cylinder supplier more hydraulic power when moving the clamp. Hydraulic butt fusion...
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  • Filed Butt Fusion Machine

    Filed Butt fusion machine for HDPE pipe.Manual screw-fixing type update from 2 ring to 4 rings,fasten pipe more stable than 2 rings.whole machine consist of machine frame,63-200mm inserts,heating plate,facer and basket.Light weight,easy carry and operation Screw-fixing type,...
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    One of butt welders,Whole machine consist of frame,incerts,hydraulic station,heat plate,facer and electric box.standard weld from 400mm to 630mm,normally clients prefer fuse range from 315 to 630mm,this is available.For big machine,the incerts not casting aluminum,use...
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  • DWH1200 Workshop Fitting Machine/fitting Fusion Machine/fitting Fabrication Machine

    DWH1200 Hydraulically operated workshop fitting machine suitable for the butt-welding of pipes and fittings in PE/, PP/PVDF materials. Pivoting clamps allow for the fabrication of segmented bends of different radii. Optional clamps allow the production of bends from 710 to...
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  • DP800 Band Saw/pipe Saw/pipe Cutting Machine Use for Big PE/PP Pipe

    DP800 Hydraulically operated pipe saw specifically produced for the preparation of pipe segments in PE, PP and other thermoplastic materials, used for the production of bends, tees and other fabrications. A special designed integrality of body and swivel table makes them...
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  • DRS20-32&20-63 Socket Fusion,double Temperature Control Socket Fusion Tool,safe Half Heating Time

    DRS20-32&20-63 A manually operated Socket fusion machine suitable for PE/PPR/PVDF/PP pipes and fittings.Adjustable double temperature control,heating time is half shorter than normal types,Make your project high efficiency. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Welding Range...
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  • DGW1800 Geomembrane Welder/hot Wedge Welder for Thicker Geomembrane

    DGW1800 DGW1800 geomembrane welder is suitable for welding HDPE, LDPE ,EVA ,PVC, ECB, PP and other hot melt materials.Powerful with high welding speed and good welding quality.This machine can be used in many projects,such as water conservancy,railway/highway tunnel waterproof...
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  • CNC PE Fitting Angle Welding Machine

    CNC PE fitting angle machine,this model is our biggest model,it have touch screen system,data logger also included in this system,record the data is available.The system control the PE fittings welding,make the degree of fitting angle accurately. This machine make...
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  • Pipe Fitting Welding Fabrication Machine

    Pipe fitting welding fabrication machine,this is the big size machine,machine consist on frame,inserts,elbow clamp,cross clamp,tee clamp,hydraulic station,independent control panel.If client need to support by us,when install and test the machine in local warehouse,it is also...
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  • PE Fitting Fabrication Machine

    PE fitting fabrication machine,the best fuse range is from 500 to 800mm,under this fuse range the deviation of welding is quite small,perfectly fabricate fittings as you need.The machine have a independent control panel,ensure the safety and convenience operation.Inside the...
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  • PE Hot Melt Welding Machine

    PE hot melt welding machine,manually operate,screw-fixing type.Standard model fuse from 63-160mm,we can produce the maximum fuse range from 40-160mm.This model is have four rings of outer clamp,more stable than two rings type.Screw-fixing design is different as normal...
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