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  • DSL02 Debeader Use After Finish Butt Fusion

    D SL 0 2 PIPE DEBEADER Manually scraping tool for the removal of the outer surface of PE pipes fuse scar Available in one tool per pipe/pipe-wall size, from 20mm to 315mm outside diameter.
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  • Manual Butt Fusion Machine Suppliers 160s

    Manual butt fusion machine supplier,supply screw-fixing type,fuse range from 63-160mm for standard.Screw-fixing type supply perfect pressure keeping,Casting aluminum inserts with digital heating plate,make work more easy.Really a sharp tool in manual pipe fusion machine.
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  • Pipe Welding Machine Suppliers

    pipe welding machine for PE/PP/PVDF pipe,economical series,reasonable price with high performance.Facer have blades on both side,teflon coated heating plate,stable frame,light weight with easy operate.
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  • Drainage Pipe Butt Fusion Machine Suppliers 160

    Drainage butt fusion machine with manual operation, suitable for thin pipe wall drainage pipes and fittings from 50mm to 160mm OD. Used to install drainage system in building.Mechanical lock to maintain welding pressure.Spring manometer provides correct welding pressure.
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