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What Are The Welding Techniques Of Geomembrane Welders?
Apr 20, 2018

What are the welding techniques of geomembrane welders?

1.welding seam lap width: 80 ~ 100mm; flat and vertical surface of the natural folds are: 5% ~ 8%; set aside the amount of expansion: 3% ~ 5%; scrap leftovers: 2% ~ 5%. welding work temperature 280 ~ 300 °C; travel speed 2 ~ 3m/min; welding in the form of double bead.

3. Repair methods for damaged parts, cut materials of the same specifications, and use leister manual extrusion welding guns as repair welding. Geomembrane welding machine types: leister double weld welder, leister single weld welder, leister hot wedge welder.

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