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Seven Major Structures Of Hot Melt Machine
Jan 18, 2019

Seven structures of hot melt machine products:

1. The hot melt machine consists of a frame, a milling machine, a heating plate, a distribution box, a hot melt machine, a tool box, and the like.

 2. The frame consists of four-seat, variable-diameter snap ring, hydraulic cylinder and quick hydraulic connection.

 3. The milling machine consists of a motor, a housing, a cutter head, and a blade.

4. The hot melt machine is composed of electric motor, oil circuit block, gear pump, pressure regulating valve, pressure relief valve, pressure maintaining valve, pressure changing valve, stroke switch, electric box, etc. (The electric box of hydraulic butt welding machine above 450 is set separately. ).

 5. The distribution box consists of a temperature controller, a timer (the timer can be set according to different pipes), an aviation plug, and an earth leakage circuit breaker.

6. The surface of the heating plate has a non-stick deep layer, with intelligent temperature control and constant temperature function. The specific temperature can be set according to the working environment.

7. Toolbox is used to place milling tools, heating plates, reducer rings and other tools.

hot melt machine

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