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PPR Tube Hot Melt Connection Precautions
Nov 16, 2018

PPR tube hot melt machine has red and green indicator lights, red light means warming, green light means constant temperature, it can't be used when it reaches green light for the first time, it can only be used when it reaches green light for the second time. The temperature during hot melt is 260°C-280 °C. Below or above this temperature, the joint will not be completely fused, leaving a hidden danger of water seepage.

Before construction, check whether the ends of each pipe are damaged to prevent damage to the pipe during transportation. If there is damage or uncertainty, the port should be reduced by 4-5cm when the pipe is installed. It is not possible to use a hammer or heavy. The object hits the water pipe to prevent the pipe from bursting and relatively increases the service life.

The cutting of the PPR pipe must be such that the end face is perpendicular to the pipe axis and the pipe cutting should be performed using a special pipe cutter.

When heating: the tube end is introduced into the heating die sleeve without rotation, inserted into the marked depth, and the tube is pushed onto the heating die without rotation to reach the prescribed mark.

Immediately after the heating time is reached, the PPR pipe fittings are simultaneously removed from the heating mold, and the wire is uniformly inserted into the melted depth without rotation, so that a uniform flange is formed at the joint, and the rebound after the insertion is controlled.

When using metal threaded PPR fittings, the white raw strip must be tightly sealed to avoid water leakage from the threads.

It is very important to choose a good ppr tube, but it is more important to do hot melt. If a good water pipe is not well controlled during hot melt, the impact on the water pipe is still relatively large, which may cause problems such as water leakage.

When the PPR pipe is welded, the normal welding temperature is in the range of 260-290 °C. The welding quality will be better guaranteed when welding in this temperature range. If the welding is performed under the normal welding parameters, the product can easily enter the welding die and be welded. The accumulation of the tumor is close to the liquid. The product is not produced by authentic PPR material. At the same time, if the fusion deposit can be cooled quickly and hardened (usually within 10 seconds), it can be said that the product is not produced by authentic PPR raw materials. One of the characteristics of PPR is that the insulation effect is better, and the cooling rate will naturally be slower.

When the pe pipe is connected with the pe pipe hot melt machine, we must pay attention to several installation items for the various components inside the hot melt machine.

The heating plate, because the heating plate of the pe tube hot melt machine can adapt to the maximum temperature of 250 ° C, so we must pay attention to the following items when using:

1: Must wear relevant protective gloves.

2: It is important to pay attention to the safety protection of the staff. When the heating plate is finished welding, it should be cooled immediately by using a dedicated heating plate bracket.

3: The heating plate should be cooled immediately to prevent fire.

4: After the welding work is finished, be sure to place the heating plate in a safe position to prevent contact from outsiders, resulting in burns.

5: The staff should use the handle when extracting the heating plate.

6: The body of the staff must not be able to directly touch the heating plate inside the PE tube fuser.

7: When the welding task is over, remember that you must not cut off the power supply on the heating plate to prevent the formation of Mars.

8: Finally, after the pe tube is hot dissolved, do not use the hand to touch the heating plate to prevent burns.

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