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PE Pipe Butt Fusion Method
Apr 14, 2018

1, before and after hot-melt connection, clean the surface and heating tools of the hot-melt welding machine. The stains on machine surface should be cleaned with clean cloth. The polyethylene residue on heating tools can only be removed by wooden scrapers.

2, check whether the butt welder is matched with the pipe diameter and the required butt welding cycle.

3. The heating time and temperature of the hot-melt connection should be in accordance with the provisions of the connecting tool production plant and the pipe material and pipe production plant, and the welding temperature is usually between 200 and -235 C.

4. The heating and cooling time of the hot-melt connection should be in accordance with the provisions of the hot-melt connection tool factory and the pipe material and pipe production plant. The pressure and cooling time should not be moved or put on the connector.

5, to butt shall comply with the following provisions:

1) clamp the ends of the ends of the pipes and fittings to clean the socket ends on the butt welding machine.

2) mobile movable fixture, the pipe and pipe connection surface is planed on the milling cutter, the milling cutter is removed, and the connection surface of the pipe end is checked, so that the maximum clearance is less than 0.3mm..

3) straighten butt welding machine with two corresponding pieces to be connected, so that the wrong side should not be greater than 10% of the wall thickness on the same axis.

4) put the heating tool between the two connection surfaces. The tube on the butt welding machine is heated near the heating tool and applied to a certain pressure, and then it melts and forms smoothly and symmetrically with the entire circumference of the pipe.

5) after heating, the connecting pieces should be quickly separated from the butt heating tools, and uniform external force is applied to make them fully contacted, forming uniform flange.

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