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PE Electrofusion Fittings - Development Of PE Piping Systems
Mar 22, 2018

PE (polyethylene) is a series of resins that can be produced by a variety of processes. It has a variety of structures and characteristics and a variety of uses. It has already accounted for one-third of the world's synthetic resin production, ranking first. The application of PE pipes began in the 1940s and was initially used as telephone line conduits and mine pressureless drainage (low density PE pipes). In the mid-1950s, PE pipes were used for water supply (high-density PE pipes). In the mid-1960s, PE pipes were used to distribute natural gas (using medium and high density PE pipes). At present, the PE pipe system has become the second largest plastic pipe variety in the world after the PVC-U pipe. Widely used in gas transmission, water supply, sewage, agricultural irrigation, oil fields, mines, chemicals, telecommunications and telecommunications and other fields.

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