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Method Of Use For Butt Fusion Machine?
Apr 14, 2018

Butt Fusion Machine, whether it is manual type or hydraulic type, heating plate and milling cutter are required, the difference is that the former rely on manual control, the latter powered by the hydraulic system to achieve semi-automatic control, especially for larger diameter pipelines, It takes a lot of pressure when milling, heating, and cooling, and it's hard to do it. The entire docking process can be roughly divided into: placement, milling, hot, cold several steps:

Step 1: preparation

Welded pe pipe hot-melt butt welding machine ready, including the hydraulic station, milling cutter, heating plate and other related power supply, and the placement of the docking frame;

Step 2: Place

Two sections of pe tubes that need to be welded are placed in the docking frame, and the connection is disposed in the middle of the four jigs of the docking rack.

Step 3: fixed

Close the upper and lower brackets of the docking frame and fix the PE pipe with bolts.

Step 4: Milling

Remove the milling cutter from the basket and place it in the middle of the two pe tubes. Push the lever of the hydraulic station and contact the two pe tubes with the milling cutter until the two connection planes are milled and the continuous strips of debris are milled.

Step 5: Centering

Because the fixed pipe may be offset during the milling process, it must be centered again to adjust the amount of misalignment. Of course, it must be careful not to contaminate the port, otherwise it must be milled again.

Step 6: Heating

Place the milling cutter back to the basket, remove the hot plate from the basket and place it in the middle of the two pe tubes, and heat them. After the two tubes have started to turn over and meet the requirements, return the heating plate.

Step 7: Welding

Immediately after removing the hot plate, press the required pressure and quickly close the PE port to be welded.

Step 8: Cooling

After the docking is completed, there is a time for maintaining the pressure and cooling, the final cooling time is reached, the temperature of the welding port is the same as the ambient temperature, and the pressure can be relieved to 0 and the welded pipe material is removed. The welding is completed.

The main process of the entire welding process is adjustment, heating, switching, joint pressurization and cooling. During docking, the material in the viscous flow state on the interface has flow and diffusion. The flow is too large to be conducive to diffusion and entanglement. Therefore, the flow should be limited to a certain range, and the “welding after welding” should be realized in a limited flow. Therefore, the key to the docking process is to adjust the three parameters of temperature, time, and pressure in the docking process. We must consider the properties of the interface materials, stress conditions, geometry, and environmental conditions to achieve reliable fusion welding. According to the general rules and the characteristics of the materials used to conduct the test, evaluation of welding quality, to achieve system standards, determine the specifications of the various specifications of the process, in accordance with the provisions of the process parameters and methods of welding pipe fittings production and on-site installation and construction.

Throughout the welding process, the difficulty lies in the heating temperature, heating time control, cooling time control, milling pressure, heating, cooling pressure, etc., but no need to worry, because we weld the magic on the hydraulic console is equipped with Digital display thermometers, pressure gauges, timers, etc., can display and manipulate various parameter data in real time, and the product manuals and product manuals for the products will have detailed tutorials and data indicators to facilitate your own use. Good welding effect.

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