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Into The Nut Hot Melt Machine Function And Technical Parameters
Mar 16, 2018

Model: LH04-R


1. Constant temperature heating.

2. Two-stage pressurization stroke design, each stop time is independently adjustable

3. Low-power heating, accurate OMRON digital temperature controller to control the temperature, so that the temperature difference does not exceed ± 3 degrees.

4. Four-column guided auxiliary crimping to ensure production quality

5. Accurate digital display time controller to control crimping and warm-up time, ultra-wide adjustable time

6. Adopt Panasonic PLC to control the whole operation and work stably

7. Increase the hydraulic buffer to make the cylinder pressure stable and quiet

8. Mainly used in the value of nuts in mobile phones, electrical appliances, monitors, sports equipment and various electronic products

Technical Parameters:

Operating mode: automatic, head mode: constant temperature hot pressure, pressure head working stroke: 300mm, air pressure range: 0-6kgf/cm², pressure output pressure: maximum 100KG, hot pressing time range: 1S-999H Tuning, production efficiency: 400-650PCS/H, temperature range: room temperature to 399 degrees, temperature accuracy: ±3 degrees, product maximum size: 200X200mm, power: 1.8KW, thermocouple: K type, total mass: 60KG Dimensions : L600mm*W500mm*H1700mm

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