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Industrial Hot Melt Technology - Hot Melt Socket Connection
Mar 12, 2018

The hot-melt socket is connected in the hot-melt socket connection, and the two pipe end portions to be connected are respectively heated and dissolved at both ends of a thicker connecting pipe segment. In this way, each joint needs two hot-melt processes.

When hot melt socket connection is made, the pipe port should be chamfered and wipe the connection surface. Mark the spigot at the end of the socket and use the heating tool to heat the pipe and pipe connection surfaces at the same time. When DN ≥ 63mm, the heating device of the mechanical device is used, otherwise it is a manual heating device. After the heating is completed, the heating tool is immediately withdrawn, and the socket is inserted into the socket with a uniform external force to the depth of the marking line to form a uniform flange at the end of the socket.

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