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Industrial Hot Melt Technology - Hot Melt Butt
Mar 12, 2018

The hot melt butt joint is a method of connecting the ends of the polyethylene pipe ends by heating and melting and then butt fusion with each other and cooling and fixing them together. A hot-melt welding machine is usually used to heat the end tube to melt it, quickly affix it, maintain a certain pressure, and achieve the purpose of welding by cooling. All sizes of polyethylene pipes can be connected by hot melt butt joints. However, the nominal diameter of less than 63mm pipe recommended capacitor connection. The method is economical and reliable, and its interface has higher strength than the pipe itself in the bearing and pressure.

Ready to work. Should take over the same section of the pipe, should use the same plant supporting material; takeover section diameter, wall thickness should be consistent; inner and outer surface of the welded pipe and tube, in particular near the port should be smooth, no abnormal; pipe size deviation should meet the requirements; takeover segment should have good processing and welding the welder matching; welding inspection system and the matching of power, clean the heating plate, the welding power supply is turned on for each member, should be grounded and protected According to the welding process parameters given by the welding machine, set the temperature of the heating plate to the welding temperature; if the welding machine is automatic, parameters such as the time of heat absorption and the time of cooling should also be set.

Hot melt welding operation points. When using this method, the equipment only needs to weld the butt welding machine. The operation points are as follows: Put the connecting pipe on the welding fixture and clamp it, then clean the pipe to be connected, and mill the connection surface to straighten the two connecting pieces. The amount of misalignment is not more than 10% of the wall thickness. Then put it into a heating plate and heat it. After heating, remove the hot plate. Finally, the two heating surfaces are rapidly joined, pressure is raised to the welding pressure, and pressure cooling is maintained.

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