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How To Use PPR Hot Melt Machine?
Dec 14, 2018

Of course, proper use and operation are important conditions for ensuring hot-melt connections between pipes and pipes, pipes and fittings. How to use the PPR hot melt machine correctly?

First of all, before the installation, the PPR hot melt machine should be inspected to see if it can be operated normally. Generally, the hot melt machines produced by regular manufacturers usually have red and green lights. The red light represents warming, the green light represents constant temperature, and the power is supplied. Constantly heating, after the first warming to the green light indication, can not be used, must be used when the second green light is reached, the temperature during hot melt is 260 ° C -280 ° C;

Secondly, before the construction, the two ends of the pipe that use the hot-melt connection should be inspected to prevent the pipe damage during the handling process and affect the quality of the hot-melt connection. If any damage is found, it is necessary to use the pipe port. According to or professional cutting shears to 4-5cm, you can not hit the water pipe with a hammer or heavy objects to prevent pipe bursting;

Subsequently, the tube end is introduced into the heating die sleeve without rotation, and inserted into the marked depth to reach the heating time. (For details of the heating time, please understand: What knowledge is needed for PPR pipe welding) Immediately pipe the pipe fittings from the heating mold At the same time, it is removed, and the line is uniformly inserted into the hot melted depth without rotation, so that a uniform flange is formed at the joint, and the rebound after insertion is controlled.

Finally, a few minutes of cooling time, after the hot melt connection is secure, can be installed in place at any time.

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