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How To Use Ppr Fusion Machine
Sep 18, 2018

PPR hot melt machine is a kind of machine for heating butt PPR pipe. It has adjustable temperature control and fixed temperature control. Its specifications are the same as pipe specifications. The temperature control melter can be used for other material pipes, such as PE. , PP, etc.


One: pre-installation check

1: Whether the tow board, wires, plugs, and sockets are intact, whether the heat container is loose or damaged, and whether the special tube is intact.

2: Whether the pipe and fittings are of the same brand.

Two: The hot melt machine produced by the regular manufacturer generally has red and green lights, the red light represents warming, the green light represents constant temperature, the first time it can not be used when it reaches the green light, it must be used when the second green light is reached, the temperature during hot melt At 260 ° C -280 ° C. Below or above this temperature, the joint will not be completely fused, leaving a hidden danger of water seepage.

Three: The ends of each pipe should be inspected for damage before construction to prevent damage to the pipe during transportation. If there is damage or uncertainty, the port should be reduced by 4-5cm when the pipe is installed. Hammer or heavy object tapping the water pipe to prevent pipe bursting and relatively improve service life

Four: The cutting pipe must have the end face perpendicular to the pipe axis, and the pipe should be cut with a special pipe.

V: When heating: the tube end is introduced into the heating die sleeve without rotation, and inserted into the marked depth. At the same time, the pipe member is pushed onto the heating die without rotation to reach the prescribed mark.

Six: After the heating time is reached, the pipe fittings are immediately removed from the heating mold, and the line is uniformly inserted into the melted depth without rotation, so that a uniform flange is formed at the joint, and the rebound after insertion is controlled. .

20 pipes have a heat depth of 14 mm, a heating time of 5 seconds, a processing time of 4 seconds, and a cooling time of 3 minutes.

25 pipes hot and cold depth 15mm, heating time 7 seconds, processing time 4 seconds, cooling time 3 minutes

32 pipes hot and cold depth 16.5mm, heating time 8 seconds, processing time 4 seconds, cooling time 4 minutes

40 pipes hot and cold depth 18mm, heating time 12 seconds, processing time 6 seconds, cooling time 4.5 minutes

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