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How To Use PE Pipe Hot-melt Machine
Aug 24, 2018

1. Connect the power supply of each part of the welding machine, and the power supply should be grounded. At the same time, the surface of the heating plate should be clean and no scratch should be ensured.

2. Connect the pump station with the hydraulic wire used for the rack. Before connecting, check and clean up the dirt at the joint so as to avoid dirt entering the hydraulic system and damaging the hydraulic components; after connecting the hydraulic wire, lock the joint part to prevent the danger of the joint being opened when working under high pressure.

3. Clamp the pipe (pipe fittings) to be welded and fix it on the rack. When welding large-diameter pipe, it is better to use abandoned pipe or special support to pad flat to protect the pipe and reduce friction in the welding process.

4.Open the rack, put it in the milling cutter, rotate the locking knob, and fix the milling cutter on the rack. When starting the pump station, it should be carried out when the direction control handle is in the middle position, and it is strictly prohibited to start under high pressure.

5. Start the milling cutter, close the fixture, and cut the end of the pipe (pipe fittings).

6. When forming continuous cutting, press down, open the clamp, close the milling cutter. This process must be in accordance with the first step down, then open the fixture, and finally turn the milling cutter in sequence.

7. Remove the milling cutter, close the clamp, check the gap between the ends of the pipe. When removing the milling cutter from the rack, the collision between the milling cutter and the end face should be avoided, such as re-milling has occurred, and the end face should not be touched by hand or polluted by oil.

8. Check the coaxiality of the tube. When the gap between the two ends and the amount of staggered edge can not meet the requirements, should be re-clamped to be welded, milling, qualified after the next operation can be carried out.

9. Check whether the temperature of the heating plate is suitable, and the red indicator lamp of the heating plate should be bright or glint. After the first light on the heating plate, it is better to wait another 10 minutes to make the whole heating plate temperature uniform.

10.Test the drag pressure of the system P0 and record. The drag pressure of each weld must be measured, and when the drag pressure is too high, the method of padding short pipe can be used to solve it.

11. Put the suitable heating plate on the rack, close the fixture and set the system pressure P1.

12. When the convex between the pipes (fittings) is uniform and the height meets the requirement, the pressure will be reduced to P2 approximately dragging pressure, while pressing the endothermic timing button to start recording the endothermic time.

13. After reaching the endothermic time, quickly open the clamp and remove the heating plate. When the heating plate is taken, collision with the melted end face should be avoided; if it has occurred, the melted end face should be completely cooled and the whole welding process should be restarted.

14. Quickly close the clamp and evenly adjust the pressure to P3 within the prescribed time. At the same time, press the timer to record the cooling time.

15. After reaching the cooling time, the pressure is reduced to zero. The clamp is opened and the welded pipe (pipe fitting) is removed. The pressure of the system must be reduced to zero before unloading the pipe. If the welding machine needs to be moved, the hydraulic conductor should be removed and the dust-proof work at the joint should be done in time.

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