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How To Use Fusion Machine
Jun 14, 2018

The automatic electric welding machine is mainly used for welding all kinds of plastic pipes and fittings in new construction and reconstruction works. In order to avoid scalding risk during welding, operators must pass professional operation training, and then operate the electric fusion welding machine after being qualified.

The daily maintenance of the fusion machine can not be ignored, and it must be carefully checked and corrected before use. Clean up the surrounding environment of the electric welding machine, so as not to damage the equipment. In addition, heat resistant gloves and eye protection devices are correctly worn during operation.

Check the cable and the power supply voltage. The power supply of the automatic electric welding machine must meet the requirements of the equipment. After repeated confirmation, electricity can be officially used.

The electrofusion pipe shall not be disassembled in advance. Only when formal operation is done can the package be opened. Before the electric melting is carried out, the surface of the pipe is made to be smooth. A professional scraper can be used for proper scraping. The end of the pipe needs to be cut into a right angle and fixed by the pipe cutter. Improper use may cause welding failure.

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