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How To Reduce The Noise Of The Band Saw
Apr 16, 2018

Woodworking band saws are the main source of noise in the material workshop. In particular, the woodworking band saw with a saw wheel diameter of 1 000 mm has a higher noise level of 95 to 105 d B(A). This seriously jeopardizes the physical and mental health of the operating workers and affects the efficiency of production. It has become one of the most pressing public hazards in the world. The main reasons for the noise of the woodworking band saw machine are: the aerodynamic noise generated by the high speed rotation of the spoke type sawing wheel, ie, the rotation noise, eddy current noise and exhaust noise generated by the spoil stirring air; the contact and friction between the saw blade and the saw wheel. Friction noise caused by impact; Saw blade vibration noise caused by uneven saw blade (working side) and loose edge. To reduce the noise of the woodworking band saw machine, the following measures can be taken in addition to the above-mentioned method of changing the upper saw wheel from a spoke structure to a spoke structure.

Saw wheel structure

1. Paste or spray a layer of elastic damping material (synthetic resin, etc.) on the side surface of the upper saw wheel so that the vibration of the rim and the web can be attenuated, and the noise can be suppressed 5~6d B(A);

2. The exhaust groove is processed on the saw wheel to reduce the exhaust speed, and the shape, depth and area of the exhaust groove affect noise;

3. Install a small hole resonator in the air inlet and outlet of the upper saw wheel. The size of the hole corresponds to the air vibration, and the acoustic energy is consumed by resonance sound absorption to reduce the low frequency noise 2 3 3d B(A).

Damping measures

Replace the plywood-guided hardwood saw cards commonly used in the resistance side of band saws with saw cards and felt guides in the form of felts, pneumatics, magnetics, etc. so that the points on the saw blade are evenly distributed and the saw blade is inhibited from exciting. The vibration under force and elastic force reduces the noise 2 to 4d B(A); at the same time, the sliding between the saw blade and the saw wheel is greatly reduced, the saw machine efficiency is improved, and power is saved.

Improve saw blade

1. Apply a layer of steel or aluminum foil on the outer bottom of the saw blade with epoxy resin to not only weaken the vibration of the saw blade, but also ensure rapid vibration attenuation.

2. Trim the saw blade weld, repair the tooth profile, improve the blade back bow and tension, and reduce the cutting noise of the saw blade 3 to 5d B(A).

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