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How To Detect Band Saw Blades?
Apr 16, 2018

Saw blade crack is a common phenomenon that saw blade can't be avoided in use. However, it has adversely affected the production of timber products. When the saw blade breaks beyond the prescribed length, it will cause an accident and threaten the personal safety of the operator. Therefore, even though different measures have been taken by the saw-repairing workers while cutting saws, the saw blade cracks have been avoided, and due to improper measures, the saw blades are not easy to use and have a short life span. The quality of the sawn timber has also dropped significantly. In the past, only three requirements for mechanical performance, namely tensile strength, elongation and hardness, have been set out from the point of satisfying the requirements for use. However, this is not comprehensive from a safety standpoint. In particular, the toughness index of the fine woodworking band saw blade does not reflect the fatigue performance. obvious. The application of repeated bending test method is an effective test method, which has the advantages of simple test device, sensitive reflection of defects, convenient operation and short test cycle. The method can refer to the national standard GB235-33 metal repetitive bending tester (model GWJ-5). After appropriate modification, the strip test can be applied by replacing some parts. Three defects can be detected:

a. Internal defects in steel (such as cracks, tails, etc.).

b. Steel contains harmful impurities (such as excess non-metallic inclusions, grain boundary enrichment of harmful elements, etc.).

c. Heat treatment defects (such as coarse grains, quenched cracks, network carbides, temper brittleness).

The practice shows that it can find defects in hot and cold processing at the same time, and it can be used in conjunction with tensile and hardness tests to reflect good economic results. It reduces the incidence of band saw fracture accidents and promotes the improvement of the quality of band saws.

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