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How To Choose The Butt Fusion Machine
Apr 14, 2018

With the rapid development and widespread use of the HDPEh industry, the manufacturers of hot-melt welding machines are currently experiencing severe conditions for large and small companies. How should we choose good quality machines?

suggestions below: 

1, understand the company's technical strength, product workmanship.

2, understand the after-sales service measures, good after-sales service is your effective guarantee for the rapid processing of machine failures.

3, if the machine fails, the manufacturer can not be repaired for a short time, what kind of emergency measures manufacturers can have.

4, how much welding data the machine can store, how to transfer data to the computer, and then print it out.

5. If the welding data cannot be modified, the format of the welding data that can be modified provides the conditions for the falsification to never agree.

6. Is the pressure increase during the T4 stage slow? The purpose of the slow boost pressure is to prevent the melted PE material from breaking open at high pressure and forming a Weld.

7, how much pressure during the holding pressure range, how small is the best?

8. The first time the hot plate rotates, it can reduce the time of T3, and the second volume can reduce the artificial factor to bring about the welding failure.

Due to the fully automatic product, the programmed product generally fails and the on-site user cannot repair it. Therefore, in order to save some money, you cannot buy a machine with poor quality and unstable system. Otherwise, you will certainly lose more than the difference in the cost of repairs and missed work. At present, most users still use hydraulic butt fusion machine. The quality of welding depends entirely on the quality of the machine and the skills of the workers.

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