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Four-column Hot Melt Machine Features And Technical Parameters
Mar 19, 2018

Model Number: LH-02R


1. Constant temperature heating.

2. The pressure head structure is adjustable and debugging is convenient.

3. Low-power heating and temperature control, accurate digital display thermostat control temperature, so that the temperature difference does not exceed ± 3 degrees.

4. Use four-column guided auxiliary crimping to ensure production quality.

5. Accurate digital display time controller control crimping time, ultra-wide adjustable time.

6. The whole machine is compact and reasonable in design, beautiful in appearance, small in footprint and high in production efficiency.

7. Column heat welding for all kinds of plastic parts.

8. Indenter stroke is adjustable, suitable for plastic welding of different heights.

9. Mainly used for plastic heat welding of mobile phones, electric appliances, monitors and various electronic products.

Technical Parameters:

Operating mode: semi-automatic head mode: constant temperature hot pressure effective working stroke: 150mm pressure range: 1-28.4kgf time range: 1S-99H production efficiency: 200-250PCS / H hair pressure hot area: 200 * 200mm temperature range: room temperature - 399 degree temperature accuracy: ±3 degrees Maximum product size: 200X200mm Power: 0.6KW Thermocouple: K type Total mass: 35KG Dimensions: L450mm*W500mm*H600mm

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