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Development Of Band Saw Machines
Apr 16, 2018

With the development of science and technology, the form and performance of band saw machines have undergone great changes. The band sawing machines have low sawing accuracy, large free lengths of band saw blades, and poor stability, are prone to vibrations, cause running saws, etc. Affecting the disadvantages of sawing quality, many scholars are dedicated to improving the rigidity of band saw blades, researching and producing new types of saw cards and tensioning devices. We should also see:

1. The rigidity of the saw blade increases as the tension of the saw blade increases, but as the thickness of the saw blade increases, the opposite occurs. The main reason is that as the thickness of the saw blade increases, the bending stress of the saw blade as it passes through the saw wheel increases. In the case of the same saw blade allowable stress, the tension force cannot be increased, which affects the rigidity of the saw blade. Therefore, properly reducing the thickness of the saw blade is beneficial to increase the rigidity of the saw blade, thereby improving the stability of the saw blade.

2. The force of the band saw blade is extremely complex, and lateral jitter and torsional vibration are easily generated during operation, and resonance occurs when the interference frequency is coupled to its natural frequency. Therefore, the vibration of the band saw blade has a great effect on the sawing process, which will seriously affect the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the sawn timber, the saving of raw materials, and the life of the band saw blade.

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