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DETAILED Describes Fusion Welding Machine
Mar 10, 2018

The device adopts a plate-type structure and the electric heating method transfers the heat of the heating plate to the welding surfaces of the upper and lower plastic heating elements. The surface is melted, and then the heating plate is quickly withdrawn, and the upper and lower heating pieces are heated and the melting surface is fused, solidified and integrated. The whole machine is in the form of a frame, which consists of three plates: the upper platen, the lower platen and the hot platen. It is equipped with a hot mold and a cold plastic mold. The action mode is pneumatic control. It is mainly applied to the welding of plastic parts such as household appliances, car lights, and automobile melters. According to the size of different plastic parts set heating power and mold size to achieve a variety of plastic workpiece welding, simple operation, easy to use.

The heating plate consists of two blocks, heating it with a heating tube. The machine has two temperature controllers to control the temperature of the upper and lower molds. Welding can be set in the range of 0-600°C according to the actual needs during welding.

The device control mode can be divided into two kinds of manual and automatic control, manual one-piece action, mainly used for the commissioning of institutions and molds, after manual debugging, adjusted to automatic production. The automatic control system uses programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and touch screens to control the man-machine interface. Each cylinder is pneumatically actuated, with easy operation, reliable performance, and compact size, which increases production efficiency and quality. All polyethylene pipe connections must be fused or hot melted, and mechanical connections must not be used. Hot melt joints are stronger than the pipe itself. Joints or connectors are made of plastic and there is no corrosion problem. The choice of pipe connection method depends on the pipe manufacturer's requirements and recommendations, as well as on-site construction personnel. The hot melt connection is first trimmed, cleaned, aligned, and then heated to its melting point and connected together. In the industrial hot-melt technology, there are two kinds of hot-melt and socket connection.

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