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Butt Fusion Machine Application
Apr 21, 2018

Butt fusion machine are widely used as special machines or with automatic machines. High-performance heaters and high-precision thermocouples can be used to accurately control the heating temperature and stabilize processing and improve efficiency. Suitable for riveting, riveting, hot-melt molding, hot-melt cutting, metal screw implantation, LCD riveting and other processing between plastic and metal.

The material requirements of the butt fusion machine for the product are not very high, and the general plastic can basically be welded. After welding, the product's water tightness can be guaranteed! Fastness can guarantee more than 80% of the body.

Electrothermal principle of hot-melt. Its use is very wide range. Such as mobile phones, toys, computers, speakers, cars and other with the plastic industry, the need for welding products can be welded. Price than ultrasound concessions, and its function to Better than ultrasonic welding machine, no matter how big the product can be welded once and welded firmly, beautiful appearance. Long mechanical life. Made of imported materials.

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