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Band Saw Type
Apr 08, 2018

According to the process requirements, it is divided into two types, the original wood band saw machine and the split band saw machine. Log band sawing machine is the main saw of the band saw mill, used for wood cutting and sawing board. A sports car band saw or a twin log band saw is usually used. The diameter of the sawing wheel is mostly 1067 to 1829 mm and the maximum is 3 658 mm. In the usual single-sided saw-tooth sawing machine, log-carry logs are used for intermittent sawing, and the double-sided saw-tooth sawing machine reciprocates sawing, which can increase work efficiency by 30%. Sports car transmission, mainly friction roller rope reel, SCR DC motor, hydraulic motor and other three kinds of continuously variable transmission. Double band saw machine adopts continuous feeding mechanism such as chain conveyor and card arm.

The splitting band saw machine is further divided into a main band saw machine which splits the hair into plate squares and a plate belt saw machine which splits the plate skin into thin plates.

In addition, there are several other classifications of band saw: 1. according to the saw wheel diameter and the feeding mechanism is divided into the saw wheel diameter from 1 524 mm above the heavy sports car large band saw; 1067 to 1372 mm light sports car large band saw; 1 067 ~ 1 219 mm split band saw; 400-800 mm joiner band saw. 2.It is divided into clockwise rotation according to the rotation direction of the saw wheel, and the right-hand band saw machine saws the wood from the right side; the counterclockwise rotation, the left hand band saw machine saws the wood from the left side. 3.According to the saw blade tensioning device is divided into double-column lever type ordinary tensioning device band saw machine; liquid pressure high tension cantilever type band saw machine, the tension force is 2 to 3 times of the former. 4.According to the direction of the relative position of the two saw wheels, it is divided into a vertical band saw machine; a horizontal band saw machine; an inclined band saw machine. The horizontal band sawing machine is only used to split the board into a burr board in China, and other countries are also used to cut precious hardwood logs. 5.According to the combination of sawing machine is divided into single band sawing machine; double band sawing machine; four or more band sawing machine. The double band saw machine is divided into a double band saw machine for log use and a desktop double band saw machine for cutting the sheet metal. Most of them are a combination of right and left hands each with a pair of band saw machines, but there are also two right-handed series of band saw machines, and four band saw machines are all pairs of band saw machines. 6.According to whether or not there is a chipper head, it can be divided into a normal band saw machine without a chipper; a sports car band saw machine equipped with a single chipper bit; a dual band and a quad band equipped with a double disc chipper bit Saw machine.

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