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Band Saw Machine Structure And Performance
Apr 08, 2018

The sawing machine body of the band saw machine is composed of a body, two saw wheels, a tensioning device, and a saw wheel lifting and tilting device, a saw card, a safety cover, and the like. The sports car with a band saw machine is composed of the upper log device, the turn-up device, the track and the transmission running device, the sports car body jamming device, the rocker device, the car pile fine-tuning device, the pendulum, the unloading and the connecting device. The feeding mechanism of the small band saw mainly includes a lateral reel roller, a double upper roller, a driving roller table and the like. The high-speed cutting of the band saw machine has high output, flexibility, strong adaptability, high sawing rate, high flexibility, and high quality. The main technical parameters of band saws used in China's timber are: saw blade diameter is 1067 to 1 524 mm, saw blade cutting speed is usually 2300 to 3000 m/min, feed rate is 15 to 60 m/min, and maximum sawing log diameter For the saw wheel diameter of 0.71 to 0.83 times, the average output of the sports car band saw is 15 to 20 cubic meters per shift, the motor power sports car band saw is 30 to 80 kilowatts, and the desktop band saw is 20 to 30 kilowatts

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