Manual butt welding machine uses and features
May 03, 2018

Manual  butt welding machine uses and features:

It is applicable to the welding of PE, PP, PVDF pipes and pipes, pipes and fittings in the construction site and in the trench. It can also be used in the workshop.

Manually butt welding machine features: consists of four parts: frame, milling cutter, independent heating plate, milling cutter and heating plate support; heating plate adopts independent temperature control system, PTFE surface coating; adopts electric new-shape milling Method, with single, double-sided milling; milling inserts use high-quality tool steel, double-blade design, can be used for double-sided exchange; the main part of the frame is aluminum alloy material, the structure is simple, compact, easy to use; single operation, suitable Use in complex situations.

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