Band saw automatic processing system
Apr 14, 2018

In order to adapt the saw blade to the cutting stress of wood and its own thermal stress change and to prevent the blade from moving and achieve stable operation, the saw blade on the ordinary band saw machine must be subjected to a suitable degree of tension, and the tensile strength treatment technology is strong. Rely on experience and tradition, technology is conservative, and problems often arise. As a result, the sawing is not smooth, the sawing accuracy is low, and there is a contradiction between the saw operator and the saw repairer. Therefore, many countries are developing various sawing machines that can automatically handle the degree of tension.

1.The suitable degree of sawing machine developed by Nanjing Forestry University is suitable for the automatic saw wheel processing. After being used in production, no matter whether the original saw blade or the newly used saw blade does not need to be treated with another degree of tension, it can be used directly and the saw blade works smoothly. There is no crack in the root of the saw back and sawtooth tooth. Oh, the quality of sawn timber is good. Because this technology does not change the basic rate structure of the original band saw machine, only the turning of the wheel surface of the saw wheel is performed, which is convenient for popularization and use.

2.Processing of ribs on the rims of Europe Some European modern band saw machines generally grind ribs on rims, mainly in two forms. One kind of rim surface is added into two arc shapes and they form ribs at about 1/3 of the wheel width from the working edge; the other type of wheel rim surface is straight and the middle is processed into The arc forms a rib near the leading edge.

3.The surface of the rim of the saw wheel is provided with an annular groove. These grooves can smoothly eliminate the air cushion formed between the saw blade and the surface of the rim due to the air intrusion, so that the saw blade can be more closely contacted with the saw wheel to improve the working stability of the saw blade. . At the same time, these grooves make the surface of the saw blade more support points in the width direction, which helps to prevent the saw blade from slipping backward.

4.Saw wheel static axis structure The bending of the saw shaft under the tension force will make the saw wheel rotate with excessive radial runout, causing the saw blade to periodically expand and contract, stress abrupt change and instability. In order to solve this problem, the modern band saw machine generally adopts a static shaft structure. This structure has good rigidity and is not prone to bending, which helps to improve the stability of the operation of the saw wheel saw blade and can meet the needs of a high tension band saw machine. At the same time, the static shaft structure can also be made into a single support form, which is convenient for application on various joint saws.

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