Improvement of band saw device
Apr 10, 2018

Improvement of band saw device

The main features of current band saw machines are high feed rate, large saw machine specifications, and poor saw blade stability. The accuracy of sawing is low, and the stability of the saw blade depends on factors such as the tension of the saw blade, the exposed length of the saw blade, the feed direction, and the guide device. The saw card is a guide device of the band saw machine, and its role is to shorten the free length of the working edge of the saw blade, increase the rigidity of the saw blade, and reduce the amplitude of the transverse vibration of the saw blade, so as to keep the saw road straight. The saw card should be installed close to sawn timber. The saw card has a saw blade and a saw blade. The lower saw blade is fixed on the frame, and the upper saw blade is installed on the guide rail specially designed for the body and can be adjusted at any time depending on the level of the sawing road.

Saw cards in traditional saws generally use double-resistant saw cards, which are made of two pieces of hardwood and leave a certain gap with the saw blades (usually controlled at 0.1 to 0.15mm. If they are too tight, the friction is too large, and the blade is prone to bending due to heat generation. Too loose will lose the effect of the saw card. This type of structure cannot fully guarantee that the saw blade does not move and has poor stability.

In order to solve the gap between the saw card liner and the saw blade and hope that the saw card can play a role in tensioning the saw blade, the following improvements have been made to the saw card:

1.Pressure saw card: Its working principle is to press the working edge of the saw blade outwards through the lateral pressure of the saw card, so that the working edge of the saw blade exceeds the outer edge of the saw wheel rim by a certain distance (generally about 6-15 mm), thus the saw blade Forced straightening. Pneumatic or hydraulic pressure saw blade can be used to automatically withdraw the saw blade and use it instead of the automatic evacuation device used in the current sports car, which is beneficial to the improvement of the precision of the rocker.

2.The traditional saw card is improved into a scroll saw card: the saw blade has one side against the roller and reduces the friction between the saw blade and the saw blade

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