Extrusion type hot plastic welding machine application characteristics
Apr 25, 2018

Extrusion type hot plastic welding machine is suitable for HDPE plastic pipe, large-diameter winding pipe, tank, thick plate welding, high welding strength, good sealing effect, wide weld, large amount of discharge, high speed, and one-time welding forming With the characteristics of small size, light weight and portability, it can be operated by a single person without external wind source. It is especially suitable for on-site construction work in the field and is not affected by seasonal climate. It is widely used in large-diameter HDPE plastic pipes and drainage wells. Well construction, pressure repair plugging, HDPE septic tanks, sewage pools and other thermoplastic products on-site construction welding.

      Extruded hot plastic welding machine uses hot air to preheat the surface of the welding base metal to the welding temperature. At the same time, the welding rod is automatically fed into the screw through the feeder. The solder is plasticized by the screw, homogenized by heating, compressed and then melted out. It is pressed to the surface of the welding material preheated by the hot air. The solder and the base material to be welded are molded and welded into the weld joint to reshape the weld joint. The mechanical strength of the weld seam is close to that of the welded parent material. It is a powerful engineering plastic welding construction. assistant. Suitable for welding of geomembrane, waterproof membrane, plastic pipe, tank, and thick plate, high welding strength, good sealing effect, large output of wide weld, high speed; small size, light weight, portable, especially Suitable for field site construction operations, widely used in the welding of petrochemical electroplating anticorrosive tanks, pipelines, public works waterproof, sewage pools, landfills and other thermoplastic plastic products. Welds with a width greater than 10mm and plastic plates with a thickness of less than 40.

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