Electrofusion fittings precautions
Mar 26, 2018

1. It is forbidden to have organic matter and other substances to contaminate the inner wall of the fused pipe and the welding area of the pipe during installation.

2. The welded pipe must be kept away from the welded pipe until the welding cooling 30S is completed.

3. According to the site temperature and operating voltage changes. Welding time can be properly compensated during welding.

4. According to the requirements of the electric welding machine, input the matching power supply. The farther away from the electric welding machine is, the larger the wire diameter of the power cable is, so as to avoid undervoltage affecting the welding quality.

5. When the pipeline is installed, the elbow and three-way pipe fittings must be reinforced or bracket-fixed and properly compensated for the pipeline.

6. Pipe landfill must be below the frozen soil layer. Pipe trenches must not be soaked in water during installation and welding.

7. When the temperature is low, the welding electric welding pipe must do a good job of insulation work.

8. In the environment where there is a large temperature difference between day and night, centralizers and other tools must be used to fix the tubes on both sides of the fused pipe to avoid the influence of thermal expansion and contraction on the welding quality.

9. During cooling, pipes and fittings cannot be moved

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