Customer demand for automated electric welding machine equipment
May 26, 2018

There is explicit demand and invisible demand for automatic electric welding machine equipment demand classification. The requirements of these electric welding machines need to be data as far as possible, and they must be clearly described without being able to be digitized and produce no ambiguity.

Explicit demand: The requirement that the electric welding welder customer puts out clearly is collectively called explicit demand, it is the rationality of these demands that the explicit demand equipment supplier wants to communicate with the customer. These requirements not only include the main functional parameters of the electric welding machine, but also include other auxiliary function requirements and individual customer requirements. These are undoubtedly the most important and must be satisfied.

Invisible requirements: The customers of the electric welding machine are not explicitly proposed but are required to meet the requirements of the general specification or the industry specification of the electric welding machine. Including safety (operational safety, foolproof, interlocking devices), dust explosion-proof, anti-static, appearance shape and color, the use of electric welding machine materials, noise, use of the environment, human factors engineering. Some of the requirements are often easily overlooked. It is important to communicate with customers to see if they need it. The understanding of the invisible requirements of electric welding machines requires not only non-standard design experience, but also a certain understanding of the relevant industry's manufacturing specifications and standards.

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