Band saw structure improvement
Apr 10, 2018

Band saw structure improvement:

The saw wheel is a pair of wheels that realizes the installation of a band saw machine and is a main part of the main movement. The lower sawing wheel of the band saw machine is the driving wheel, and it must have a large moment of inertia, and it can play the role of a flywheel during work. The upper sawing wheel is passive, driven by the saw blade, and it is required to be lighter. It can be synchronized with the saw blade as much as possible so as to reduce the violent friction and skidding between the saw blade and the saw blade caused by the change of the starting brake and the sawing resistance. Prevent the saw blade from breaking too far.

(1) The surface of the band saw wheel is quenched and hardened to improve the strength of the surface of the saw wheel, and the friction between the saw wheel and the saw blade is reduced.

(2) Applying a rubber thickness of 3 to 5mm to the surface of the saw wheel can effectively reduce noise. This method is mostly used on small band saws in furniture factories.

(3) The upper saw wheel structure is changed from spoke type to spoke type so that it is not susceptible to vibration. The integrated sawing wheel adopts an integral casting structure, which eliminates or reduces the airflow rotation noise and eddy current noise generated by the rotation of the spoke-type upper saw wheel. The overall machine noise is reduced by about 3d B(A).

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