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Butt Fusion Machine

  • Fusion Welding Machine

    Fusion welding machine,hydraulic operation system.Weld from 280mm to 500mm,some client would like to choose optional hoist crane because of the heavy heat plate and facer.This model 500mm is also not standard size,we make new moulding to meet clients’need,safe project...
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  • HDPE Jointing Machine

    HDPE jointing machine ,fuse range from 90-315mm for standard model,hydraulic operation system.All the inserts made by casting aluminum,make the weight more light.10 square centimeter cylinder supplier more hydraulic power when moving the clamp. Hydraulic butt fusion...
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  • Filed Butt Fusion Machine

    Filed Butt fusion machine for HDPE pipe.Manual screw-fixing type update from 2 ring to 4 rings,fasten pipe more stable than 2 rings.whole machine consist of machine frame,63-200mm inserts,heating plate,facer and basket.Light weight,easy carry and operation Screw-fixing type,...
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    One of butt welders,Whole machine consist of frame,incerts,hydraulic station,heat plate,facer and electric box.standard weld from 400mm to 630mm,normally clients prefer fuse range from 315 to 630mm,this is available.For big machine,the incerts not casting aluminum,use...
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  • PE Hot Melt Welding Machine

    PE hot melt welding machine,manually operate,screw-fixing type.Standard model fuse from 63-160mm,we can produce the maximum fuse range from 40-160mm.This model is have four rings of outer clamp,more stable than two rings type.Screw-fixing design is different as normal...
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  • Automatic Butt Fusion Machine

    Automatic butt fusion machine, automatic operation.Suitable for PE/PP/PVDF pipes and fittings from 90mm to 250mm OD. Heating plate automatically jump when finish fusing the pipe.Have a single control unit,don't have hydraulic station.From the control unit,it have a touch...
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  • Butt Welder For PE Pipe Welding

    Butt Welder for PE Pipe Welding,fuse range is 63-160mm for standard model.Incerts made of casting aluminum.Low starting pressure ensures welding projects quality for small pipe.The whole machine made by heating plate,facer,hydraulic station,machine frame and basket.Electric...
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  • PE Hot Melt Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine

    Hydraulic operated butt fusion machine suitable for PE/PP/PVDF pipes and fittings from 63mm to 160mm OD. Efficient design and construction provides the machine for welding both on the worksite and in the factory.
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  • CNC Butt Fusion Machine

    CNC butt fusion machine,this is new kind of butt fusion machine.Machine control system is CNC,totally different with hydraulic control system. The heating plate automatic takeoff, the machine automatically closed.Fuse range from 63 to 160mm. Able to store and print various...
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  • Butt Fusion Welding Equipment

    Butt fusion welding equipment,this is our biggest model in hydraulic machine series.Basic form is like all the big machine.Because of the heavy weight,some clients would like to choose hydraulic upper clamp open system which means install clinder behind the outter clamp,use...
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  • PE Pipe Jointing Machine

    PE pipe jointing machine,hydraulic operated.Standard fuse range is 1000-1200mm,maximum can produce from 710mm to 1200mm.Inside the electric control box,there are heater plate contactor,hydraulic pump contactor,planing tool contactor.Timer,termo controller,voltmeter,air break...
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